The Mexico City Flaneur

Southern Florida is a strange little universe in its own right. After spending a good nine days helping my mother move out of her house and tetris everything into a storage unit, I was ready to go back across the border to experience the lighter sides of life once again. More importantly, I was goingContinue reading “The Mexico City Flaneur”

A Dusty Nayarit Coast

On the advice of Walter, our host at the Airbnb in the jungles East of San Pancho, Fine and I would head North to the coastal town of San Blas. “Definitely a local beach,” he told us, holding his pantless blond-haired son porky pigging it around the jungle. “Very few gringoes at all, man. You’llContinue reading “A Dusty Nayarit Coast”

To the Western Coast

Fresh-faced and bushy-tailed after parading with the Amazonian women of Pátzcuaro, we made our way South into another unknown Mexican state, Colima. Much like Michoacán, Colima is a state many locals will tell you not to visit. The threat of violence has become too much for many, even many locals feel that they need toContinue reading “To the Western Coast”

Monarchs and Muxes of Michoacán

Like an explosion of orange confetti, or a leaf blower being used in the fall, the Monarch Butterfly reserves in the state of Michoacán offer visitors an explosion of orange unlike anything they’ve ever seen — and one they can not fully prepare for mentally until their boots are on the ground and thousands ofContinue reading “Monarchs and Muxes of Michoacán”