Travel Advent Dec. 5: My Second Worst Poop Experience

This is by no means my worst poop story, but it was certainly the scariest.Lost somewhere in Northern Borneo exploring a Sun Bear preserve in the early hours of the morning, nature called and she rang her bell-like a bullhorn. Off to the tropical bathroom I went, sporting my long adventure pants that make theContinue reading “Travel Advent Dec. 5: My Second Worst Poop Experience”

Bears, Monkeys, the Borneo Basics

My trip to Brunei was the perfect introduction to Borneo. I polished up my basic Malay a bit, got acquainted with the way of life and some of the Muslim values, and got excited to see much much more of this beautiful island. Unfortunately, these weekend rambles don’t allow for enough time, so I haveContinue reading “Bears, Monkeys, the Borneo Basics”

Rain Over the Abode of Peace

Brunei…have you heard of it? When I was telling people about my upcoming trip to Borneo, they would (even being Hong Kong locals) say, “umm…sorry but where’s that again?” “Borneo? The third largest island in the world? The one where David Attenborough makes movies about Orangutans and Proboscis Monkeys? The one with an incredibly oldContinue reading “Rain Over the Abode of Peace”