Walking with Monsters in Sofia

Fat snow fell as the bus from Skopje pulled into Sofia Station. The sun had long been down, and even though it was only 21:00, it felt as though the station had been asleep for a long while. I disembark, and immediately notice how much colder Sofia is than Skopje. The buildings are grey, designedContinue reading “Walking with Monsters in Sofia”

Run Through Kosovo

The bus from Belgrade arrived in dark Priština late in the evening, snow drearily falling as I exit the bus and make my way to the hotel. (In actuality, the route was much more direct but Google refuses to believe that such a route exists.) No restaurants are open, only a little shop with aContinue reading “Run Through Kosovo”

Black Snow of Serbia

The sun is setting as I land in Niš, far in Southern Serbia near the Bulgarian border. I expect grey looking people, angry and a bit brutish. I leave the airplane with my best ‘Don’t mess with me cause I’m another Eastern European but my country’s even shitter than yours so don’t fight me” look.Continue reading “Black Snow of Serbia”

In the Belly of the Habsburgs

Two years ago, I traveled to Romania with my friend and roommate from my Baltic Roadtrip, Šarūnas, where we stumbled upon a lone traveler that sparked my interests for future adventures. Deep in a frozen concrete slab alleyway, we came face to face with a lone Canadian woman, who stared right back at us andContinue reading “In the Belly of the Habsburgs”

Long Train to Ella

In the old capital of Kandy, we sat in the train station with a hoard of other tourists waiting for the train. Our destination was Ella, far away in the mountains among tea covered hills and Ayurvedic spa’s. The train trip from Kandy to Ella is regarded as one of the prettiest train rides inContinue reading “Long Train to Ella”