Chiang Mai, Renovations of Chill

From what I had heard, Chiang Mai was a black hole for backpackers, a place for souls to escape the bustle of Bangkok and the endless parties of Phuket. When I would tell people I was venturing to Chiang Mai, the reaction was usually along the lines of “Awwww wow I’m so jealous. I spentContinue reading “Chiang Mai, Renovations of Chill”

Muay Thai and Pol Pot in Phnom Penh

I sat in the airport, peering at a plane with dark mascara-like lines running down the windows of an old Airbus A-whatever. “Should I even be going here?” No one I’d talked to really¬†liked¬†Phnom Penh. They all went there because they had a flight out on their way to see Angkor Wat. Phnom Penh wasContinue reading “Muay Thai and Pol Pot in Phnom Penh”

Restless in Hong-Kong

I stand, waiting in line at the Hong-Kong airport for my Metro card. A Chinese man steps up behind me, and his bowels decide I need a proper initiation with a long-winded, open-armed flatulent vibration as if to say “Welcome to Hong-Kong”. I’ve just landed after an 8 day trip around Taiwan (read more here),Continue reading “Restless in Hong-Kong”