Rain Over the Abode of Peace

Brunei…have you heard of it? When I was telling people about my upcoming trip to Borneo, they would (even being Hong Kong locals) say, “umm…sorry but where’s that again?” “Borneo? The third largest island in the world? The one where David Attenborough makes movies about Orangutans and Proboscis Monkeys? The one with an incredibly oldContinue reading “Rain Over the Abode of Peace”

Moroccan Whirlwind

Morocco is a beautiful country, and it’s surprisingly massive and filled with endless sights. My mind wanted to see the souk of Fez, ride camels in Merzouga, surf in Agadir, and hang out with smugglers in Tangier. Realistically, I only had ten days and could merely have a sample out of this fantastic country. Here’sContinue reading “Moroccan Whirlwind”

Chiang Mai, Renovations of Chill

From what I had heard, Chiang Mai was a black hole for backpackers, a place for souls to escape the bustle of Bangkok and the endless parties of Phuket. When I would tell people I was venturing to Chiang Mai, the reaction was usually along the lines of “Awwww wow I’m so jealous. I spentContinue reading “Chiang Mai, Renovations of Chill”

Albania: The Next Big Thing?

Last April, I had the amazing opportunity to travel with Black Hummus Diaries through Northern Macedonia, Albania, and Montenegro. It was my first time in the Balkans, and it certainly will not be the last. When I think about the highlights from the whirlwind of a ten-day trip, Albania would certainly be high up on myContinue reading “Albania: The Next Big Thing?”

Muay Thai and Pol Pot in Phnom Penh

I sat in the airport, peering at a plane with dark mascara-like lines running down the windows of an old Airbus A-whatever. “Should I even be going here?” No one I’d talked to really liked Phnom Penh. They all went there because they had a flight out on their way to see Angkor Wat. Phnom Penh wasContinue reading “Muay Thai and Pol Pot in Phnom Penh”