Travel Advent Dec. 25: What’s Next

I long pondered what the final post for this advent series should be. A yearly wrap up, or a look at what the next year could hold? Perhaps a look at what this year has been, or what my life is. Instead of all that, I think it’s important that we take a moment ofContinue reading “Travel Advent Dec. 25: What’s Next”

Travel Advent Dec. 24: The Fragrant Harbor

There are few places on this Earth that I love more dearly than the little island teetering off the coast of Mainland China — the territory that packs a punch like no other. Hong Kong has filled my dreams since the day I left in 2018, and while I lived there I may not haveContinue reading “Travel Advent Dec. 24: The Fragrant Harbor”

Travel Advent Dec. 23: Do Languages Change Us?

Some of you who’ve kept up with this blog notice that I’ve had one Spanish story a week during the Travel Advent. They have absolutely nothing to do with travel they were homework assignments with my tutor Carlos. You see, I’m one of those folks that wanted to be an overachiever during quarantine and practiceContinue reading “Travel Advent Dec. 23: Do Languages Change Us?”