Travel Advent Dec. 21: El Hombre con su Casa a Cuestas

Había un hombre que caminaba llevando su casa como una mochila. Sé que estás pensando — ¿y qué ? no es raro ver un mochilero con su casa a cuestas, — pero no era una mochila con una bolsa de dormir y una carpa —. Esto era una casita, como una casa para muñecas, queContinue reading “Travel Advent Dec. 21: El Hombre con su Casa a Cuestas”

Travel Advent Haiku’s #3

The Hong Kong Series. Written in Hong Kong, Fall of 2018. Who is this lady?Something is not right with herMaybe she a ho… Searching…fruitlesslyFor music that makes toes TAPBut we found a ho… Red Junk glides harborBumpshy beats in my bonesFull moon sees it all Lily was my firstGirl love deep and beautifulYou have ruinedContinue reading “Travel Advent Haiku’s #3”

Travel Advent Dec. 19: What Could Be

Coronavirus fucked a lot of shit up. But it’s given me a lot of time to look at my life, and what I could be doing right now. This time last year, I had two identical offers on the table: be the new Community Manager for Be My Eyes and stay in Denmark, or moveContinue reading “Travel Advent Dec. 19: What Could Be”

Travel Advent Dec. 16: Traveling During Corona

Let’s get political. Not because I’m going to say anything politically driven, but because there’s no way to talk about corona these days without sounding like you’re choosing a side. So let’s talk about corona for travelers — because it’s the strangest time to be a traveler. I was lucky enough to go visit theContinue reading “Travel Advent Dec. 16: Traveling During Corona”

Travel Advent Dec. 15: Tiny Country Fascination

I have an unhealthy fascination with tiny countries. They’re adorable and I love their little egos. I’m fascinated by their history, how they were able to survive for so long and still press on with sovereignty. Why do the likes of Andorra, San Marino, and Liechtenstein still exist, and what do they even do? WhyContinue reading “Travel Advent Dec. 15: Tiny Country Fascination”