Dansk Liv #2: The Rains

A child in a small police helmet holds a transparent blue umbrella close to his head.

Essays and Observations on Danish Existence — from an expat who knows nothing— There is something I must tell any and all individuals wishing to move to Denmark to sample the herring, hygge, and hangovers. The weather will crush you. But it is also something that will make you stronger. Living in Colorado most of… Continue reading Dansk Liv #2: The Rains

Dansk Liv #1: Certainty

Image of four cranes set on a black and white clouded background

Essays and Observations on Danish Existence — from an expat who knows nothing— Last weekend at a garden goulash party, I had the chance to sit down with one of my few Danish friends, who also happens to be my coworker (it can be difficult to make a Danish friend unless they're forced to interact… Continue reading Dansk Liv #1: Certainty

Metaphysical Souvenirs

Denmark has steadily been opening up, which allowed me the ability to indulge in one of my favorite pre-quarantine activities: thrift shopping. To my peruser's delight, one of the largest thrift shops in Aarhus is just up the street from my house. In it is a who's who of knick-knacks and brick-a-brack and other hyphenated… Continue reading Metaphysical Souvenirs

Travel the Mind to Pass the Time

If you're a wanderlusty one-man traveling flea circus-like I am, then I know how you feel right now. You've dropped your goddamn marbles on an ice-cold tiled floor and you're wearing shorts and have to frozenly erode your knee ligaments to kowtow across each corner of the tiled floor to pick up each marble just… Continue reading Travel the Mind to Pass the Time

Journey into the Rose City

We had avoided zig-zig in Aqaba and begun piloting our little spam can up an hour and a half towards the fabled Rose City hidden in the dusty valleys of Jordan. Several millennia have passed since this city was first inhabited, yet the feeling of awe that struck the lungs of Roman conquerors is the… Continue reading Journey into the Rose City