The Mexico City Flaneur

Southern Florida is a strange little universe in its own right. After spending a good nine days helping my mother move out of her house and tetris everything into a storage unit, I was ready to go back across the border to experience the lighter sides of life once again. More importantly, I was goingContinue reading “The Mexico City Flaneur”

A Dusty Nayarit Coast

On the advice of Walter, our host at the Airbnb in the jungles East of San Pancho, Fine and I would head North to the coastal town of San Blas. “Definitely a local beach,” he told us, holding his pantless blond-haired son porky pigging it around the jungle. “Very few gringoes at all, man. You’llContinue reading “A Dusty Nayarit Coast”

Where Eagles Eat Snakes

It’s been a long time since I have ventured past the edge of our reality… and by that, I mean venture South from the US border. The Western Hemisphere seems to have a great divide, an ever-present “Us vs. Them” (or, more specifically, U.S. vs. Them) mentality. Tell someone North of the border that you’reContinue reading “Where Eagles Eat Snakes”

Oppulent Yerevan

Yerevan offers a stark contrast from the rest of Armenia. When you go to any other city in Armenia, it will most certainly feel unlike anything else you’ve previously experienced. Most cities feel as though they have not been updated since the 1980’s. Megalithic brutal skeletons of Soviet decaying buildings loom over cities, casting shadowsContinue reading “Oppulent Yerevan”