To the Western Coast

Fresh-faced and bushy-tailed after parading with the Amazonian women of Pátzcuaro, we made our way South into another unknown Mexican state, Colima. Much like Michoacán, Colima is a state many locals will tell you not to visit. The threat of violence has become too much for many, even many locals feel that they need toContinue reading “To the Western Coast”

Monarchs and Muxes of Michoacán

Like an explosion of orange confetti, or a leaf blower being used in the fall, the Monarch Butterfly reserves in the state of Michoacán offer visitors an explosion of orange unlike anything they’ve ever seen — and one they can not fully prepare for mentally until their boots are on the ground and thousands ofContinue reading “Monarchs and Muxes of Michoacán”

Where Eagles Eat Snakes

It’s been a long time since I have ventured past the edge of our reality… and by that, I mean venture South from the US border. The Western Hemisphere seems to have a great divide, an ever-present “Us vs. Them” (or, more specifically, U.S. vs. Them) mentality. Tell someone North of the border that you’reContinue reading “Where Eagles Eat Snakes”