Travel Advent Haiku’s #2

Japan 2018

Oh ugly baby,
Where on earth are you to be?
Not here, in Japan.

(This Haiku is dedicated to Asian babies — who are all adorable.)

Sri Lanka 2018

I can’t reach my toes
Nor can I see my penis
Fuck, I’m just too fat

I’m a slow loris
My giant eyes will haunt you
Thin arms will climb you

Somewhere in the Balkans, 2018

Let’s puke on the floor
And thrash like never before
Party like we’re twelve
People, instead of just two
Nevermind…let’s sleep


Published by weekend-rambler

A content creator and community manager, I use my free-time exploring new places and cultures. I have a knack for traveling on a budget and discovering new and amazing things, so join me as I discover everything the world has to offer.

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