Travel Advent Dec. 15: Tiny Country Fascination

I have an unhealthy fascination with tiny countries. They’re adorable and I love their little egos. I’m fascinated by their history, how they were able to survive for so long and still press on with sovereignty. Why do the likes of Andorra, San Marino, and Liechtenstein still exist, and what do they even do? WhyContinue reading “Travel Advent Dec. 15: Tiny Country Fascination”

Travel Advent Dec. 14: El Marinero

El marinero volviendo de faenar recogiendo sus redes, junto a dos turistas que lo miran y fotografían con las mascarillas puestas…. El marinero está volviendo a su casa, donde su esposa está cocinando el desayuno y su hijo está en su cuarto sin posibilidad de huir de la pantalla. Juan, es marinero desde que teníaContinue reading “Travel Advent Dec. 14: El Marinero”

Travel Advent Haiku’s #2

Japan 2018 Oh ugly baby,Where on earth are you to be?Not here, in Japan. (This Haiku is dedicated to Asian babies — who are all adorable.) Sri Lanka 2018 I can’t reach my toesNor can I see my penisFuck, I’m just too fat I’m a slow lorisMy giant eyes will haunt youThin arms will climbContinue reading “Travel Advent Haiku’s #2”

Travel Advent Dec. 12: Mid Morning Chivito

You meet the most memorable people in the middle of the night. My mom always said “Nothing good happens after midnight,” and while I agree I say the best stories happen after midnight. Sometimes, these moments in the middle of the night feel just a little bit too perfect. Those moments when it feels likeContinue reading “Travel Advent Dec. 12: Mid Morning Chivito”

Travel Advent Dec. 11: When Will the Next Dalai Lama Get Their First iPhone?

I’ve been reading the autobiography of the Dalai Lama these past weeks, and my mind has been filled with a litany of thoughts. Perhaps it’s in bad taste to discuss the next Dalai Lama already, but since his Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama himself has discussed it publicly (as it will likely prove incredibly controversial),Continue reading “Travel Advent Dec. 11: When Will the Next Dalai Lama Get Their First iPhone?”